Letter of the week- C

Now in our third week, we on to the letter C.

While I wouldn’t say Q is a Sesame Street fan, he is fairly acquainted with the major characters of the show, especially Elmo and Cookie Monster and he can sing “C is for cookie” like the best of them. So, after watching several videos on Cookie Monster singing his famous song, we embarked on Letter C week.

I took the chance that W (the daddy) was home so I set both boys down to work on the crafts for the Letter C.

C is for crab, cat, cookie, cans, cockerel and car. And because the phonic sound for C is both “Ker” like in CAR and “Ser” like in CITY we took the chance to highlight that using mama’s and yiyi’s name: Christine & Cecilia. Mummy’s name begins with C too but “Ch” is a little less obvious.


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