Letter of the week- E

My obgyn did warn me that I could possibly go into layout any time now and so we got a jump on our letter of the week with an early visit to the zoo to watch the (E for ) elephant show. Well, also because Q really loves the zoo and I figured that with baby coming, it might be a while before we get to head out to the zoo again.

We also came back and played with our little Sesame Street toilet roll set because E is for Elmo too! And though I had originally cut the lil “e” to be for egg, Q kept getting it mixed up with “Chick” which I cut out to contextualize “egg” so I cut an Elmo out. Evidently anything red, roundish with eyes and a button orange nose is a universal Elmo.

Also, I did end up going into labour early- 36 and 4 days and we welcomed little Evan whose name also started with E!

Happy letter E!



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