Letter of the week- J

Q is a big Nemo fan, it was the first movie he sat through to watch from start to finish and since our first screening, we must have watched the show over 20 times. Possibly more given he is actually able to recite lines along with the show. Anyway, the show has a quite famous scene of Nemo’s dad, Marlin and his friend Dory trying to navigate their way through a mass of jellyfish by jumping on the top of each jellyfish. Q thinks its hilarious and mimics the scene, complete with *boing* *boing* sound effects.

After a particularly spirited re-enactedment of the *boing boing* scene, we embarked on our J is for jellyfish (and jaguar) craft work. I’ll be honest and admit the jaguar craft was tougher than I imagined and I ended up having to re-cut my jaguar several times cos the original one kinda looked like the Frosties Tiger with warped stripes. Q is well familiar with the Jaguar cos we see one at the zoo often enough.

We ended our week with a round of jelly making. What is learning if you don’t learnt involve food somehow, eh?

J is for jaguar, jelly, jellyfish, jam and jumprope!


Review: SRT’s Three Little Pigs

Because we have been on a roll with the watching of shows for kids, we took Q to watch the successful SRT’s presentation of The Three Little Pigs.

This charming retelling of the classic tale of the same name, is a lovely- Singaporean, take of how three little pigs (yummily named Char, Siew and Pau) set out to find their fortunes and their chance meeting of the big bad wolf along the way. A laugh a minute aside, this story teaches little ones how success can be achieved through hard work and perseverance.

Q thoroughly enjoyed his outing at the theatre and just for laughs, we took him for dim sum after and ordered a happy serving of Char Siew Pau!

Letter of the week- I

Our journey with this letter of the week business has become one of the big learning highlights of the week; no less because we have a huge wall where we have been putting all the past alphabets up and nine letters in, we are beginning to see some real “meat” to our letter wall.

The letter I week began quite innocuously with a serving of old school ice cream from the ice cream man that comes by our estate every few weeks. I took the opportunity to dive right into our letter craft and we had a whale of a time making our little ice cream picture. I had originally planned for “I to be for ink, but since Q is a Isa the Iguana fan, I changed it to making an iguana which seem to work much better for him. Of course, we also printed some Isa the Iguana coloring pages to do and even attempted to make a little green plasticine iguana.

The letter “I” is for Iguana, ice cream, ice, igloo and ink.

Letter of the week- H

One of the things we love to do is to head over to the nearby Saddle Club and look at the horses. Sometimes when I remember to buy and extra pack of carrots, we pack some spend a happy half hour feeding and patting the horses (the horse owners are good and nice that way), then letting Q run amok on the lovely grass patches that define the place.

And that was how we initiated our letter H week because H is for horse! And well, for house, honey and Henry the Octopus too. We didn’t dwell too long on lil Henry cos I didn’t want Q to get confused between H for Henry and O for Octopus and got him to sing a made up song- “H for Henry and O for Octopus”. Heh!

Letter of the week- G

I had big plans to take Q out for a visit to the Hay Daries Goat farm to kick of our Letter G week, but my new mummy exhaustion got the better of me and I opted to arrange a little game of golf for him out in our garden cos G is also for golf.

I opted to design a goat and a golf course for our Letter of the week craft and roped in the golf playing and golf loving daddy to oversee the crafting of our little “g” golf course. I had to search W’s massive stack of golf magazines to find a picture of a golf ball and that took almost as long as the boys took to make the craft.

Ah well…