Letter of the week- I

Our journey with this letter of the week business has become one of the big learning highlights of the week; no less because we have a huge wall where we have been putting all the past alphabets up and nine letters in, we are beginning to see some real “meat” to our letter wall.

The letter I week began quite innocuously with a serving of old school ice cream from the ice cream man that comes by our estate every few weeks. I took the opportunity to dive right into our letter craft and we had a whale of a time making our little ice cream picture. I had originally planned for “I to be for ink, but since Q is a Isa the Iguana fan, I changed it to making an iguana which seem to work much better for him. Of course, we also printed some Isa the Iguana coloring pages to do and even attempted to make a little green plasticine iguana.

The letter “I” is for Iguana, ice cream, ice, igloo and ink.


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