Letter of the week- K

I had big plans to take Q out to fly kites at the Marina Barrage to initiate our letter of the week but I was too tired out with Evan hitting a growth spurt and all so I gave up and simply starting our K journey with our letter craft.

Clearly, this new mom thing (you know, the sleepless nights, still having to work an almost full load- albeit from home; and having to still be mummy to #1) was getting to me and my fatigue level was spiking cos I’ve been working through the night to wrap a project.

Thankfully, Q seem to cotton on to the letter quite well and we learnt that K is for kangaroo, kite, kick, kettle and kittens. Since the letter K is quite distinct, we also spent some time playing spot the K: I’d write all sorts of letters on a piece of paper and Q would use it do-a-dot markers to dot on all the Ks, which he thinks looks like a kicking man (a man the process of kicking) and I suppose, that’s good enough for me for now.


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