Letter of the week- L

One of the early learning things we did with Q was to teach him animal sounds and other than the trumpet of the elephant- which he still performs in all his arm-as-truck glory, the other sound he was really good with was the roar of a lion.
So, I was quite excited to embark on learning the letter L with Q and that began with us (attempting) to watch The Lion King, cos well, as we all know, L is for Lion.
We also made a Lion from the ice pop set that Aunty Karyn gave us cos it had a lion mould in it and it was a far healthier alternative to an actual L is for Lollipop.
And because of a happy coincidence of W needing to go grocery shopping later that night, we got to learn that L was also for Lemon, for Lime and for Linguini.
And last but not least, L is also for LALALALALALLALAAAA!

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