Letter of the week- O

O was an easy letter for us to tackle seeing as he already knew the number zero and, well, zero and the letter O looks the same. And of course, there is knowing the shape Circle. So he had already known the letter O for a while, but it was good fun exploring the letter anyway.

It was a long week so I opted for doing something simple: and if you must know, I took out the newspaper and armed each of us with a do-a-dot each and set out to “find as many Os” as we could in the papers.

After we made a colorful mess of the day’s newspaper, we went about drawing happy faces in the bigger Os that we could find. That kinda dwindled into making thumbprint faces cos our thumbprints- or rather, Q’s more than mine, kinda look like an O anyway. I recently took receipt of a wonderful book by Ed Emberley, the father of fingerprint art too!

O is for orange, ostrich, octopus and owl.


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