about us


Thanks for dropping by The Growing Tree Project. Hope this finds you and yours well. 🙂

The Growing Tree Project, as the name suggests, is a project of our family planting the seeds of love, growing a family tree of memories and harvesting a lifetime of experiences, lessons and all the other fun stuff in between.It is as much a collage of things that are important to us- such as character building, family values and personal development; as it is a record of our journey- of childhood, of growing up, of parenting foibles and victories.

“A man does not plant  a tree for himself, he plants it for posterity.”
-Alexander Smith

Our logo features four of us: that’s me, the full time working from home mummy in purple and in a skirt- the lone female in this gender weighted household. And that’s W, the daddy and husband with six hands- you know, for multitasking.

Right on top, we have Q, our even tempered, uber curious, always hungry, never tired, all round happy firstborn son.  Then we have E, our second born son who seems to be quite like his big brother, peppered with a lil more stubborn and salted with a tad more metabolism.

So, that’s us! For now anyway. Heh.  We’ll add more characters should our lil family expands.

Growing as a family has been such an incredible journey- not without its moments of exasperations and frustrations; but so filled with moments of unbridled joy, love and blessings. Thanks for taking the time to join us here.



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