The Growing Tree Gives Back: Card Campaign

Those who know me know what a big crafter I am. Strictly speaking, while I do scrapbooking, I don’t scrap as much as I craft. I make things: cupboards, books, pots, diaper and towel cakes…etc.   thanks to my meeting some truly amazing craft-loving charity-minded people; the chance to be part of a myriad of craft based charity work came about, I jumped at the chance to get wholly involved.

Our first project was in partnership with the Make a Card Campaign for the Needy. Most recently, their Valentine’s Day cards were donated to several charities who in turn, sold them to raise funds.

There was a recent call for a new card drive for “Thank You” cards; most of which are for charities as they gear up for International Volunteer’s Day (3rd quarter) and some to be curated and packaged for sale at various fund raising events.

I knew that many of my friends feel that they don’t have a clue how to begin, so I decided to take the guess work out of card making for them and created card kits (of varying difficulties). These are complete kits to make/assemble 10 cards- all they would need is craft glue. The designs are also simple enough for toddlers to get involved to. And my team  of colleagues gamely chipped in to make the said packs with me!

I roped in my mummy’s group who all enthusiastically joined in. Some had never crafted in their lives, some brought their little ones over and in the midst of playtime and catch-up chats, we crafted. So many that I now am able to route some to other causes.

At last tally, we will make close to 450 cards amongst the group of us, far more than expected and I now have enough to route to other charities that have use for them.

How great! 🙂

Letter of the week- P

If you haven’t already figured it out, we love the zoo. WE LUURRVVEEE the zoo and whenever possible, I start letter of the week at the zoo and since its been a while (read: two weeks) since we last went, I packed the troops and toddled off to see the P is for penguin and P is for Parrot.

We always “review” our alphabets at the zoo; you know L is for Lion, C is for cheetah, F is for fish… you get the drift. So that always makes for a fun learning day at the zoo.

Anyway, we opted to take a little more time to look at the penguins and parrots. In particular, we chatted about the time we went and fed the parrots at the Farmart a few weeks back. Q has asked to go back to feed the “faraway parrot” (cos, well, the parrot was standing faraway from his perch, funny how kid’s mind work) several times so maybe we’d do that some time.

I picked making a penguin and a parrot, complete with an array of colorful faux feathers for our letter crafts and towards the end of our crafting, Q declared: P is for Peeing!

Ah… maybe we are getting somewhere with our toilet training.

Letter of the week- O

O was an easy letter for us to tackle seeing as he already knew the number zero and, well, zero and the letter O looks the same. And of course, there is knowing the shape Circle. So he had already known the letter O for a while, but it was good fun exploring the letter anyway.

It was a long week so I opted for doing something simple: and if you must know, I took out the newspaper and armed each of us with a do-a-dot each and set out to “find as many Os” as we could in the papers.

After we made a colorful mess of the day’s newspaper, we went about drawing happy faces in the bigger Os that we could find. That kinda dwindled into making thumbprint faces cos our thumbprints- or rather, Q’s more than mine, kinda look like an O anyway. I recently took receipt of a wonderful book by Ed Emberley, the father of fingerprint art too!

O is for orange, ostrich, octopus and owl.

Letter of the week- N

I was particularly excited to do our letter N craft mainly cos I had spent a long time cutting the blasted pieces and planning on how this was gonna go.

We had spotted a little bird’s nest at my parents’ house and that was the (unexpected) initiation to our letter N week. I had originally wanted to build a full on bird’s nest but decided that was a little more than I was willing to go through seeing that I was having a really hard work week so we stuck to just making a paper version. Which worked out pretty well seeing as Q liked sticking the little pieces of paper down.

Originally, our little n craft was meant to only be a needle, but after sticking the needle down, it looked a little bare and I had just finished wrapping several birthday presents so I made some noodles!

And to wrap the day, Q made himself some cup noodles for snack!


Letter of the week- M

Q has been watching stuff on the Disney channel on cable so he already knew that M was for (Mickey) Mouse so it was an easy sell for us to embark on our letter of the week craft of making a Mouse.

I had originally planned for the mouse to be brown but Q was very clear in informing me that my brown rodent was known as a RAT, not a MOUSE and made a big fuss about the color of the letter. So, I had to go dig to a cream colored paper to make a more acceptable mouse.

There was another issue with our small “m” craft too cos as you see in the picture we had added stars into the picture (m is for moon and mountain) cos he kept saying “M is for moon, stars and mountain.” So to minimize the confusion, I peeled off the stars.


Letter of the week- L

One of the early learning things we did with Q was to teach him animal sounds and other than the trumpet of the elephant- which he still performs in all his arm-as-truck glory, the other sound he was really good with was the roar of a lion.
So, I was quite excited to embark on learning the letter L with Q and that began with us (attempting) to watch The Lion King, cos well, as we all know, L is for Lion.
We also made a Lion from the ice pop set that Aunty Karyn gave us cos it had a lion mould in it and it was a far healthier alternative to an actual L is for Lollipop.
And because of a happy coincidence of W needing to go grocery shopping later that night, we got to learn that L was also for Lemon, for Lime and for Linguini.
And last but not least, L is also for LALALALALALLALAAAA!

Letter of the week- K

I had big plans to take Q out to fly kites at the Marina Barrage to initiate our letter of the week but I was too tired out with Evan hitting a growth spurt and all so I gave up and simply starting our K journey with our letter craft.

Clearly, this new mom thing (you know, the sleepless nights, still having to work an almost full load- albeit from home; and having to still be mummy to #1) was getting to me and my fatigue level was spiking cos I’ve been working through the night to wrap a project.

Thankfully, Q seem to cotton on to the letter quite well and we learnt that K is for kangaroo, kite, kick, kettle and kittens. Since the letter K is quite distinct, we also spent some time playing spot the K: I’d write all sorts of letters on a piece of paper and Q would use it do-a-dot markers to dot on all the Ks, which he thinks looks like a kicking man (a man the process of kicking) and I suppose, that’s good enough for me for now.

Letter of the week- J

Q is a big Nemo fan, it was the first movie he sat through to watch from start to finish and since our first screening, we must have watched the show over 20 times. Possibly more given he is actually able to recite lines along with the show. Anyway, the show has a quite famous scene of Nemo’s dad, Marlin and his friend Dory trying to navigate their way through a mass of jellyfish by jumping on the top of each jellyfish. Q thinks its hilarious and mimics the scene, complete with *boing* *boing* sound effects.

After a particularly spirited re-enactedment of the *boing boing* scene, we embarked on our J is for jellyfish (and jaguar) craft work. I’ll be honest and admit the jaguar craft was tougher than I imagined and I ended up having to re-cut my jaguar several times cos the original one kinda looked like the Frosties Tiger with warped stripes. Q is well familiar with the Jaguar cos we see one at the zoo often enough.

We ended our week with a round of jelly making. What is learning if you don’t learnt involve food somehow, eh?

J is for jaguar, jelly, jellyfish, jam and jumprope!

Letter of the week- I

Our journey with this letter of the week business has become one of the big learning highlights of the week; no less because we have a huge wall where we have been putting all the past alphabets up and nine letters in, we are beginning to see some real “meat” to our letter wall.

The letter I week began quite innocuously with a serving of old school ice cream from the ice cream man that comes by our estate every few weeks. I took the opportunity to dive right into our letter craft and we had a whale of a time making our little ice cream picture. I had originally planned for “I to be for ink, but since Q is a Isa the Iguana fan, I changed it to making an iguana which seem to work much better for him. Of course, we also printed some Isa the Iguana coloring pages to do and even attempted to make a little green plasticine iguana.

The letter “I” is for Iguana, ice cream, ice, igloo and ink.

Letter of the week- H

One of the things we love to do is to head over to the nearby Saddle Club and look at the horses. Sometimes when I remember to buy and extra pack of carrots, we pack some spend a happy half hour feeding and patting the horses (the horse owners are good and nice that way), then letting Q run amok on the lovely grass patches that define the place.

And that was how we initiated our letter H week because H is for horse! And well, for house, honey and Henry the Octopus too. We didn’t dwell too long on lil Henry cos I didn’t want Q to get confused between H for Henry and O for Octopus and got him to sing a made up song- “H for Henry and O for Octopus”. Heh!