Letter of the week- G

I had big plans to take Q out for a visit to the Hay Daries Goat farm to kick of our Letter G week, but my new mummy exhaustion got the better of me and I opted to arrange a little game of golf for him out in our garden cos G is also for golf.

I opted to design a goat and a golf course for our Letter of the week craft and roped in the golf playing and golf loving daddy to oversee the crafting of our little “g” golf course. I had to search W’s massive stack of golf magazines to find a picture of a golf ball and that took almost as long as the boys took to make the craft.

Ah well…


Letter of the week- F

E for Evan was a really big week here in the Tseng household and it was going to be tough for Letter F to kinda top it so took it easy and I gave it some space between both letters opting to do Letter F late in the week instead. And truthfully, I had to deal with a spanking new addition to the family too!

I opted to fo F for fox and flowers for the crafts but also to share that F was for fish, fan and flamingo. It was easy enough to entertain Q with these: we pretended to swim like fish about the house, spin like the ceiling fan (this the kid REALLY liked doing) and standing on one foot like a flamingo in my pink scarf.

We made a little fox and a big flower garden for the craft work- the flower one was a real hit cos there were tons of foam flower stickers to play with. And later that night we read one of our favorite books from the “Tales from Acorn Wood” series- Fox’s Socks by Julia Donaldson (of “The Gruffalo” fame) and Axel Scheffler (who also illustrated Stick Man).

Letter of the week- E

My obgyn did warn me that I could possibly go into layout any time now and so we got a jump on our letter of the week with an early visit to the zoo to watch the (E for ) elephant show. Well, also because Q really loves the zoo and I figured that with baby coming, it might be a while before we get to head out to the zoo again.

We also came back and played with our little Sesame Street toilet roll set because E is for Elmo too! And though I had originally cut the lil “e” to be for egg, Q kept getting it mixed up with “Chick” which I cut out to contextualize “egg” so I cut an Elmo out. Evidently anything red, roundish with eyes and a button orange nose is a universal Elmo.

Also, I did end up going into labour early- 36 and 4 days and we welcomed little Evan whose name also started with E!

Happy letter E!


Letter of the week- D

We embarked on the Letter D a day earlier than I planned (our schedule varies week to week thanks to my work) because we spent some time at my parents’ place and they have a brood of dogs scampering afoot there that Q just loves chasing after.

D, as you might know, is for dog. And also for duck, dinosaur, daddy, donut and dustbin. Funnily, when I was prepping for our letter crafts, I didn’t quite think of Dog. Instead, D was for duck *quack quack* and dinosaur *rawr*. And because we did this on Valentine’s Day, he learnt that D is also for Dear and Darling. 🙂

Letter of the week- C

Now in our third week, we on to the letter C.

While I wouldn’t say Q is a Sesame Street fan, he is fairly acquainted with the major characters of the show, especially Elmo and Cookie Monster and he can sing “C is for cookie” like the best of them. So, after watching several videos on Cookie Monster singing his famous song, we embarked on Letter C week.

I took the chance that W (the daddy) was home so I set both boys down to work on the crafts for the Letter C.

C is for crab, cat, cookie, cans, cockerel and car. And because the phonic sound for C is both “Ker” like in CAR and “Ser” like in CITY we took the chance to highlight that using mama’s and yiyi’s name: Christine & Cecilia. Mummy’s name begins with C too but “Ch” is a little less obvious.

Letter of the week- B

After learning all about Letter A and we were very good in highlighting all the A stuff around us, we picked up from where we left off with Letter B. We thoroughly enjoyed our alphabet journey last week and Q was very excited to run with Letter B.

And so this week we learn that B is for Balloon, ball, butterfly and basket… And that B goes “Buh”.

If you notice in our picture, we originally made B is for Bee for the uppercase B. But Q kept getting the butterfly and bee mixed up even if the Bee was in full Bee Yellow and had a sting whilst the butterfly had more colorful wings. He actually told me that there were yellow butterflies too (and he is right) so we switched out. For some reason he also said that B is for Benny the Bull that lives on Benny’s Barn- a familiar character for those of you whose kid loves Dora the Explorer, so we printed a Benny coloring page too.

Letter of the week- A

Q has been able to do his 123s quite well already: he’s been able to count (1-10 and back again) and count things with a fair amount of comprehension and with really really basic addition and subtraction. On the parallel side, he’s been able to sing his ABCs, though with little comprehension.  And since he loves the ABC app on the iPad so much, I felt it would be fun to begin exploring the alphabet with him.

And so we began our Letter of the Week “program.” One day a week, usually Tuesday, we’d examine a new letter: uppercase, lowercase and the sound it makes. We use the Zoophonics series (because someone gifted us a complete teacher learning pack) but I have many friends who swear by the Letterland series too.

Anyway, I sat down one day and made learning packs for all 26 letters: cutting out the letters and the bits that would make up the letter craft of the day. Yes, the cutting almost killed me and you can most certainly make each letter as the weeks go along but I know myself that more often than not, my laziness will get the better of me and I’d wig out and change plans. I filed all 26 x 2 letters (upper and lower case) in a big file.

So, today we learnt that A is for apple, alligator, ape, armadillo and it makes the sound “Aeh”.