GTP gives back

Few people know this but ” The Growing Tree Project” was originally a character exploration and building program I developed and ran many years ago with the students I (the mummy) worked with because I found the programs back then wanting. It was born of the personal impact my work in a developing nation has had on me and my life since I first visited when I was 16. As a family, we still do work there.

The character development programs back in the day- like many today- relied a lot on classroom lessons, sharing of inspirational stories, group work and case studies. Older students had community work pre-requisites they had to fulfill, making giving back, well, little more than an academic obligation.

In The Growing Tree Project, we did things a little differently: students were free to consider what mattered to them- some chose animal issues, others chose to work with the destitute; examining issues fundamental to their chosen cause, talking to people directly involved, confronting roadblocks and exploring solutions. And whether they were five or fifteen, each participant would actively take part (spearhead, front or participate) in an endeavor that mattered to them. The project ceased when I tapered off working in the school’s education sector.

When our first son was born, both W and I knew that we needed to make a concerted effort to inculcate the spirit of giving back in our son. To give back not just with possessions but with our time, our efforts and to put into good use the gifts and talents that God has blessed us with. And so, The Growing Tree Project was reborn.

Today, the Growing Tree Project hopes to also enable other people- families, in particular, to experience giving back together. As a family that runs a training consultancy and access to mummy’s huge stash of crafting materials, we have designed several programs you could participate in that cater to a myriad of causes.

Do mail thegrowingtreeproject[dot]gmail[dot]com for more details.

Ongoing Projects:

ACRES- Learn more here.

Crafting for Charity- Learn more here.

Grace Home Orphanage- Learn more here.

JEARS- Learn more here.

Make a card campaign for the needy.- Learn more here.


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