Letter of the week- B

After learning all about Letter A and we were very good in highlighting all the A stuff around us, we picked up from where we left off with Letter B. We thoroughly enjoyed our alphabet journey last week and Q was very excited to run with Letter B.

And so this week we learn that B is for Balloon, ball, butterfly and basket… And that B goes “Buh”.

If you notice in our picture, we originally made B is for Bee for the uppercase B. But Q kept getting the butterfly and bee mixed up even if the Bee was in full Bee Yellow and had a sting whilst the butterfly had more colorful wings. He actually told me that there were yellow butterflies too (and he is right) so we switched out. For some reason he also said that B is for Benny the Bull that lives on Benny’s Barn- a familiar character for those of you whose kid loves Dora the Explorer, so we printed a Benny coloring page too.


Letter of the week- A

Q has been able to do his 123s quite well already: he’s been able to count (1-10 and back again) and count things with a fair amount of comprehension and with really really basic addition and subtraction. On the parallel side, he’s been able to sing his ABCs, though with little comprehension.  And since he loves the ABC app on the iPad so much, I felt it would be fun to begin exploring the alphabet with him.

And so we began our Letter of the Week “program.” One day a week, usually Tuesday, we’d examine a new letter: uppercase, lowercase and the sound it makes. We use the Zoophonics series (because someone gifted us a complete teacher learning pack) but I have many friends who swear by the Letterland series too.

Anyway, I sat down one day and made learning packs for all 26 letters: cutting out the letters and the bits that would make up the letter craft of the day. Yes, the cutting almost killed me and you can most certainly make each letter as the weeks go along but I know myself that more often than not, my laziness will get the better of me and I’d wig out and change plans. I filed all 26 x 2 letters (upper and lower case) in a big file.

So, today we learnt that A is for apple, alligator, ape, armadillo and it makes the sound “Aeh”.